A Seattle-area client needed a new website and checkout UX designed for its running shoe brand. We throughly researched dozens of websites to find the state of the art in each individual detail of the shopping process, from the arrival to browsing to checkout. The final product was meticulously optimized. The shopping cart, in particular, was a highlight of this project, allowing no ambiguity and implementing subtle gameification to prevent abandoned purchases.

Clean, easy, and upscale shopping

The product of thorough research, the shopping experience is designed to aesthetically pleasing, evoking a high-end retail store, while lavishing the user with detailed information on the products. OMG... shiz.

Meticulous detail

Our aim was to create the best shopping cart on the web. In order to do this, we had to ensure that every detail and contingency was thought of. The sheer number of possibilities made a page-based map impractical and instead, I created a component-based system in which every mode of every component was designed, along with sub-components and so on.

Best-in-class cart and checkout

The purchase experience is the crown jewel of this design. It places all the purchase information onto a single page for minimal modality, incorporates a subtle form of gameification to help the user progress through the form, and features to make repeat purchases a snap.

Thoughtful responsive design

Transferring this information and whitespace-rich experience into responsive was a special challenge. While shopping, priority was placed on fast access to customer service options and an equally fast path to the shopping cart. During checkout, the aim was to preserve as much of the feedback and redundancy of the desktop experience as possible.


We exorcize the devil from the details. We sweat the small stuff.

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