In 2015, I worked with Microsoft’s ECIT division to design a data visualization framework for their volume licensing and business intelligence platform, the Business Center.

I created a library of standards and patterns for data visualization, working to adhere to the standards of visual communications luminaries like Stephen Few and Edward Tufte, while steering the company away from outdated visualization practices such as pie charts, and dashboards that do not function as dashboards.

Ultimately, my research was incorporated into the PowerBI product, improving the usability. In the process of my work, through much evangelization and leading by example, I laid the foundation of a data visualization culture that survives in the successor Microsoft Admin Center.


Learn how I did it

Please enjoy this presentation that tells the story of how I turned a set of open-ended requirements into a practical, powerful data visualization framework and developed the team's understanding of data visualization principles. You will find that the format of this presentation is far more engaging than your typical case study. And be sure to view in full-screen mode.

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Sorry to hear that. Here is a link to view the case study presentation.


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