The client runs a website providing information on videogames to parents of children. It includes game reviews - both from an entertainment perspective, and their educational value, as well as their suitability to different age groups - news and editorial blogs, and tools to help parents find games for their kids.

This was a straightforward challenge. All of the most advanced news sites of the day were studied and their designs used a basis for the journalistic component of the site, and sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Gamespot used for the browsing modes.

Crisp, clean wireframes

The wireframes strike a balance between pixel fidelity and wireframe generalization. Custom filler graphics allow a subtle degree of preview without creating the impression of a finished UI.

Innovative responsive scheme

The site's responsive scheme is designed to allow considerable editorial flexibility in content without producing negative results in sub-optimal form factors such as phones.

Responsive design in action

When the responsive scheme is applied, it creates an eminently readable and usable mobile experience with no loss of fidelity.

Hamburger-free mobile navigation

The hamburger menu is a much-unloved navigation paradigm for so many reasons. I avoided it in this responsive design.


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