Whether it is due to the use of so-called "unicorns" in place of real UX designers, reliance on A/B testing instead of actual design, or unscrupulous companies employing dark patterns, bad UX is more rampant than ever.

My series, Bad UX Roundup, is an ongoing effort to call out companies that cut corners in their design and cheapen my craft. I only pick on the 800-lb. gorillas who have the budget to do it right, who have no excuses, so don't worry if you're the little guy. That's what I'm here for.

And if you are at one of the big companies and don't want to find your product in a Roundup, be sure to contact me to get audited!

Episode 1 - Five examples of amateur UX from big league tech companies

The episode that started it all. Originally, it wasn't meant to be a series, but I realized I could turn my frustrations with bad products into something productive. The whole idea is to show you that, just because you've got a big design budget, it doesn't mean you have great design. Get audited! Read it

Episode 2 - Five mobile blunders

Smaller screen means bigger failures. I'll let you in on a secret: mobile devices are inherently bad UX. They try to cram big functionality into a tiny screen with no buttons. If you're going to have a hope in hell of making it work, you better have a damn good designer. Here are five (actually six) products that didn't. Read it

Episode 3: Another 5 pieces of pitiful UX.

The march of mediocrity continues with this episode. This time around, I add a moral to each story so that other UX designers can learn from these gaffes. And no, I have no idea what a disobedient avocado is. Do you? Read it

Episode 4: Fine details and crude products

You can't spell overanalytical without "anal". Nit-picking is a pejorative term, but a nit means a louse egg. Would you want even a single nit in your hair? In this episode, I pick out five seemingly small blunders which really - wait for it - BUG me. Read it

Episode 5: WTF is a "jpg-large"?

I don't just mock bad UX. I also solve mysteries. Perhaps you too have been wondering what the eminently annoying "jpg-large" of Twitter is all about. Well, I uncover the (disappointing) truth behind it. Yes, I really did just imply my article was disappointing. It's not. Just read it. Read it

Bad UX Roundup: Juicero Edition

Remember on the Jetsons how everything had an antenna, no matter how pointless? That's kind of like how the Juicero actually is. In 2017, there are no flying cars or hoverboards, but there are appliances that won't function unless they are connected to the internet. This episode really writes itself. Now THAT is what I call automation. Read it

Bad UX Roundup: Nursing a Juicero hangover with more crap design.

I could probably have milked (juiced?) the Juicero for at least one more episode, so abundant were its failures. But that would be the lazy thing to do. I have a file of bad UX examples big enough to write a book (hmm), but instead I slowly portion them out to you for free. Also, USA Today make their grand Roundup debut. Read it


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