I am a veteran user experience and product designer with 20 years of design experience, 12 of which are in UX. My clients have included big names like Microsoft and Boeing, tiny startups, and everything in between. My work lives by four principles:


A properly designed user experience is one which behaves with absolute consistency and predictability, one which is as intuitive to a user as a physical object. This can only happen when the product is based upon a core set of rules by which all systems function. I approach all work by obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the real-world information that goes through the system, including the people, objects, and processes, and from there create digital equivalents in the virtual world, as well as the points at which information crosses from the physical to the digital and back.


You hire me to be the user's advocate. That is where my loyalty lies. My goal is to ensure that the user benefits from the product, and is never harmed by the product. This goes beyond the avoidance of malicious deception. I am increasingly alarmed by so-called "UX designers" who infantilize users, taking away their agency in the name of "simplicity", and catering to the lowest common denominator. I will never treat a user like a moron, nor will I attempt to make a moron of them.


A famous man-child once told us to "move fast and break things". I don't do that. I am a 10th generation descendant of Pennsylvania Dutch and I inherited the work ethic that goes with it. I do not concern myself with "good design" until I have eradicated bad design from the product. I do not add features if old ones are still dysfunctional. My first priority is to ensure the product never causes harm or anger, before I even think about the frivolity of "delight".


We live in an age of planned obsolescence. Products are intended to last 1-2 years before being replaced. And those products are never intended to suffer any adverse circumstances. If one part fails, the entire thing becomes worthless. The intended use case of any technology is in some hipster bar with a fast internet connection. Charlatans are calling for the "end of buttons". I openly disdain all of these trends. I infuse my designs with redundancy, durability, and versatility.


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